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CHAMP Camp 2015

Well it’s been a month since CHAMP Camp ended, and it was a great week!

This year, I was with the older boys in Raymond cabin! It was a lot of fun…. The theme this year was “Still Chillin’ After 25 Years” and we celebrated Christmas in June. Of course, we consulted Clark W. Griswold […]

Kids react to 80s computers

I found this link today, seeing how kids react to 80s computers – When I was in first grade, back in 1983, I used one of these computers – complete with two floppy drives (back when floppy disks really WERE floppy!). Seeing these kids today, I kinda think I might have reacted similarly, were I […]

Heading to camp!

Well, I will soon be departing for CHAMP Camp, in Indiana, near Indianapolis! I have tested my APRS tracker, and you will be able to view my progress here. I will try to update during the week, if I am able to find wifi.

I say “Merry Christmas”

Oh Christmas Tree!

Ever since I can remember, there were three traditional Winter greetings, “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays”, and “Season’s Greetings”. I’ve never liked saying anything other than “Merry Christmas” ever since I was little, and only recently have I given much thought to why that is.


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Time to get an official web site!

Well, I’ve had many people telling me I should create a web site or a blog or whatever, so, here it is! I want to talk about my opinions on current events, and give you, the reader, practical advice on getting the most out of all your technical gadgets and gizmos in your life. If […]